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Patient Portal gives you secure online access to your health information

Patient Portal is a secure, convenient, and easy-to-use website that gives you round-the-clock access to your health information. With Patient Portal, you can view labs, medications, immunizations records, statements, and much more. Having online access to this information puts YOU in control of your health.

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Here’s what you can do with Patient Portal

View lab results

Send and receive messages securely

View lab results

Book appointment online

Get statements and receipts online

View doctors’ notes

Online health access available on your smartphone

Access your health record with the healow smartphone app. Along with the features you get with the Patient Portal, the healow app can manage multiple accounts (all family members), set medication and appointment reminders, and use trackers to help manage their health. The healow app is a secure and convenient way to manage what’s important and puts YOU in control of your health.

healow is free and available on the Apple app store and Google Play store.

Download free healow smartphone app

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Set up healow smartphone app in four easy steps

Download the healow app from App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android Phone).

Search your practice by entering practice code – IIIDAD .

Enter your portal username and password to log in.

Set up your PIN to securely access your health record.

Use this code to search your practice on healow app

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Our Patients Love Patient Portal

“I am really happy I decided to visit this practice. They are very helpful and they always available for us. I recommend this practice to everyone.”

Mr. John Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

Access to Portal and the healow app are completely free. We share this information with our patients to acquaint them with their children’s health and how to make better healthcare decisions.
Yes, the information is completely secure. It is protected with a username and password / PIN number of your choice and through SSL encryption, making it as secure as online banking.

We share information with our patients that we feel can help them and keep them informed. Every practice is different, and we try to provide patients with key aspects of their children’s health. For a complete list of features, ask our friendly staff.

Signup is simple and outlined in the steps above. You should receive a username and password from our practice via email that you can print out and customize after your initial login. Access can be made via any web browser, or through the smartphone app.

The app and the Portal have functionalities that allow you to reset your username and/or password. You can also call the front desk and we can reset the username and/or password for you.

User support is built into the web portal and the app, or you can ask a member of our staff.