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Patient Support Services

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At NMHSI, we believe everyone should have access to compassionate, quality health care. Our team is committed to increasing access and support to make this possible for everyone living in northwest lower Michigan. Specifically, we help patients overcome barriers to health care — cost, time, transportation, language. Whether you have health insurance or not, everyone is welcome here.

Consistent, quality health care is within reach, for everyone.

Patient Support Services:

Health Insurance Enrollment & Sliding Fee Program

We help patients find and apply for an insurance program to fit their needs. Our staff can explain details of the Affordable Care Act and provide assistance to enroll in health insurance from the Health Insurance Marketplace or Healthy Michigan/Medicaid. 

We also offer a Sliding Fee Program to help those who are uninsured or underinsured to pay for care. This program makes it possible for us to reduce or “slide” the fees for the care a patient receives. Qualified patients will pay reduced fees for most medical, dental and behavioral health services. Some exceptions apply.

To Apply:

Patients can apply for the Sliding Fee Program at the time of their first visit to any of our health centers by filling out the application. Eligibility is based on income and the number of people in the household. Patients can provide proof of income through one of the following: Income Tax Return, W-2 or 3 recent paystubs.

We help patients apply for and understand the Sliding Fee Program, making quality health care affordable for everyone. Whether insured or not, we will never refuse care to our patients.

Sliding Fee Scale Summary

Sliding Fee Scale Application

Programa De Tarifas Deslizantes

Escala de Precios Reducidos

Pharmacy Services & Discounted Drug Program

We provide prescription services for all patients who need medication. We will send prescriptions to be filled at any pharmacy , with a limited onsite pharmacy available at our Benzonia, Shelby and Traverse City locations. For uninsured or underinsured patients, we stock a set supply of medications for chronic illnesses and are a registered provider of discounted drugs through the 340B Program.

Eligible Prescription Drugs:

  • FDA-approved prescription drugs
  • Prescribed over-the-counter drugs
  • Biological products that can be dispensed only by a prescription
  • FDA-approved insulin

Extended Access

We support patients with extended hours, tele-health visits, curbside vaccines, 24/7 call service, self-scheduling and an online patient portal for more convenient access to health care.

Interpreters / Bilingual Staff

Because everyone deserves health care they can understand, we provide confidential interpretation services for patients who do not speak fluent English. We help patients feel comfortable and confident that their story is heard, their questions are answered and the doctor’s recommendations are understood.

Transportation Assistance

When possible, we support patients who experience transportation barriers by finding transportation options. We also have mobile clinics that travel to rural areas throughout northwest lower Michigan, bringing quality health care into our surrounding communities.

Coordinated Care with Specialists

When specialized care is needed, we assist patients in coordinating care with medical Specialists in our community. We make health care connected, coordinated and easier for our patients.

Connection to Community Resources

Whether in need of additional medical services or assistance with daily needs — food, housing, transportation, education, etc. — we help patients apply for services or resources in our surrounding community. For each patient, we serve the whole person, aligning care to promote overall wellness.

Health Education

We believe wellness is a journey, and we provide education to help patients adopt healthy behaviors and a healthy lifestyle. From the importance of preventive care to cancer screenings and smoking cessation, we support patients in learning how to bring wellness to life.

Community Outreach

We are dedicated to bringing wellness to life for everyone living in northwest lower Michigan. Using our mobile clinics, we travel to local events, schools and farms who employ agricultural workers.

Community Health Workers

Our Community Health Workers help patients apply for services or resources in our surrounding community, from insurance enrollment to assistance with daily needs – food, housing, transportation, education, and more. 

We find every opportunity to bring wellness to you!

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NMHSI / Cheryl Wolfram

Traverse City | Benzonia | Manistee |Shelby

Community Health Workers:

Alicia Harmon, Enabling Services Coordinator

Casey Kies, CAHC Program Coordinator – Shelby Health Center

Suelema Garcia, Community Health Worker – Shelby Health Center

Cheryl Wolfram, Community Health Worker – Manistee Health Center

Linda Stark, Community Health Worker – Benzonia Health Center 

Clarissa Roman, Community Health Worker – Traverse City Health Center