Pharmacy Services

Need to have a prescription filled? As an NMHSI patient, you can get your prescriptions filled at whatever pharmacy is most convenient.

Affordability and Convenience

At Northwest Michigan Health Services, we provide prescription services for all patients who need medication. We'll electronically send prescriptions to be filled at whatever pharmacies our patients choose. To care for those who don't have insurance coverage, we stock a set supply of medications for chronic illnesses.

We are a registered provider of discounted drugs through the 340B Program. This program allows qualified patients to get discounted pricing on prescription medications.

Eligible Prescription Drugs

The 340B Program typically covers the following outpatient drugs:

  • FDA-approved prescription drugs
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs written on a prescription
  • Biological products that can be dispensed only by a prescription (other than vaccines)
  • FDA-approved insulin


If you have questions about our prescription services, pleaseĀ contact us.